Civil and Structural Engineering

The firm offers a range of Civil and Structural Engineering Services, combining a high level of experience
with flexibility to offer total solutions. The range of Civil and Structural Engineering services includes;

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Bridge and Rail Engineering
  • Roads and stormwater
  • Structural buildings


Road, Traffic and Transportation

Etilweni Projects provides a wide range of services in the area of Road, Traffic & Transportation
infrastructure development. Our road, traffic and transportation engineering discipline branches from
civil and structural engineering department that involves the planning, design, construction, operation,
and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure safe and effective transportation of people
and goods. Our services include:

  • Traffic Surveys and Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation Planning and Modelling
  • Road Infrastructure development
  • Project and Program Management
  • Public Transport Planning and Operations
  • Freight Transport Planning
  • Traffic and Transportation information management


Mechanical and Electrical Services

One of our primary areas of specialization is Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Our seasoned staff of
skilled service engineers are experienced in all areas of includes planning, analyzing, designing,
optimizing, system integration, test and evaluation, procurement and construction management in
engineering, installation, commissioning and computerized control systems.
Decades of service experience allow our engineers to provide clients with the right solutions to avoid
costly maintenance and repairs in the future. We are highly skilled in Design of:

  • Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems
  • Power System Studies
  • Outage Planning and Management
  • Power Engineering
  • Railway AC / DC Traction
  • Electrification Infrastructure
  • Standby and UPS Power Systems
  • Plant Automation and Control


Quantity Surveying

Etilweni Projects has experienced Quantity Surveyors who assist clients to make informed decisions
regarding cost efficiency of the construction project listed below:

  • Inception of Project and Cost Analysis
  • Production of bill of quantities
  • Estimating and Cost Planning
  • Feasibilities studies
  • Final Account & Close out Reports


Project and Program Management


Etilweni Projects offers a range of project and program management services that ensure that projects
remain on course and on schedule. Etilweni Projects personnel have been trained to provide clients with
professional and dedicated assistance throughout the project and to ensure completion on time and
within budget through:

  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Time and cost management
  • Issue, change and Risk management
  • Project Document management
  • Inter-project dependencies
  • Project Planning and programming
  • Communication Management.
  • Integration with schedules
  • Capacity and resource Planning
  • Project Portfolio Viewer
  • Close out Reports


Municipal Services

Etilweni Projects has completed a significant amount of work for Municipalities. Municipalities remain a
strategic client for the Company as the company is well positioned to provide the required services.

Etilweni Projects are also well versed in the process of assisting Municipalities with the application
process for project grants. The Company has assisted numerous Municipalities to access the
Municipal Infrastructure Grants.


Architectural and Draughting Services

The Company has in-house qualified and experienced architects who have completed a range of plans
and drawings for a range of projects. Innovation and creativity remain the cornerstone of all the works
produced by the Architectural and Draughting division of the company. Services include:

  • Design and Redesign of New and Old buildings
  • Detailed Drawings
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D modelling is a vital tool as it gives the architects and clients an artist’s impression of how the
    completed project will likely look relative to its surroundings.

While architectural design is one of the company’s important disciplines, the following areas are of
focus, Residential (Up market; Low Cost Housing), Institutional (Hospitals; Community Centers;
Academic), Commercial (offices, Retail/Trade, Residential and Industrial (Factories and Warehouses).



This has been achieved through placing emphasis on Company Policies specifically directed towards the
promotion of BEE and transfer of skills through various initiatives, such empowerment spending targets,
skills development programs, job training programs as well as community participation on all our
projects. Etilweni Projects has a proven record in the implementation of these initiatives achieved
through hard work over the years. All our engineers are part of a mentorship program that is driven by
the Company’s Technical Director to assist our engineers to achieve professional registration.

Employment Equity Plan
In accordance with our company’s Employment Equity Plan and Transformation strategy, 90% of
Blackhead Consulting workforce consists of individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Procurement Policy
Etilweni Projects has adopted a biased procurement policy that the company uses to source material
and equipment from black owned small, medium and micro sized enterprises (SMME) to encourage and
stimulate economic activity amongst small businesses especially amongst the communities in which we

Blackhead recognises and is committed to encourage entrepreneurship for as many stakeholders as
possible. These policies greatly enhance the sustainability of our operations and contribute towards the
overall growth of South Africa.


Quality Assurance


We operate according to the best technical standards and professional practices. Our aim is to exceed
the expectations of our clients. To help this objective we continually review and improve our quality
management system to ISO 9001 Standards. Using the platform provided by the ISO 9001Standard, in
conjunction with Customer and Industry Standards; we aim to achieve total client satisfaction and right
first time design.

Promise to our client

  • Engender a culture of responsibility and accountability in all staff members
  • Capitalize on new technological developments and sustainable efficiencies
  • Provide effective solutions taking into account capital and operating costs for each application
  • Maintain accurate and timeous cost reporting and control throughout the duration of the
  • Continually reassess designs against the project goals, which may vary to suit changing business
  • Maintain close interaction with other designers to optimize overall performance and cost
  • Continually re-evaluate the client’s brief against market conditions and new technologies
  • Ensure that a director is in overall charge of every project
  • Empower local communities